Insurers flailing on new pool safety law, group says


A nonprofit pool safety organization has launched an outreach campaign to insurers regarding new pool liability laws, saying they may face liability issues if they are not complying with a new federal law.

pool-1The Pool Safety Council wants to educate insurance companies about the provisions of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

The council says public pools across the country have been slow to adopt the measures necessary to come into compliance with the pool safety law and insurance groups may face liability issues by insuring non-compliant public pools.

The Pool and Spa Safety Act, which went into effect in December, requires all public swimming pools to install specific pieces of safety equipment that can prevent drain entrapment, which occurs when a swimmer is trapped by the suction power of a pool’s drain. In one report, just 10% of pools in Los Angeles County met the requirements of the Pool and Spa Safety Act.

The group is working to help insurance companies understand what it means for a pool to be in compliance and why it is important for both their clients and general risk mitigation. The organization plans to create informational materials for companies and their brokers, and will be available to answer questions and serve as a technical resource.

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