Poll shows nearly half in Virginia oppose Obama’s health reform plan


A new poll shows that 49% of Virginia voters are against President Barack Obama’s plans to reform America’s health care system.

The poll of voters, conducted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, indicates that 39% favor Obama’s plan and 12% are undecided. The poll also indicates that eight in 10 voters fear that a public insurance option will lead to increased taxes.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Obama has indicated that any plan reaching his desk to become law must lower the cost of health care in America and make insurance affordable for each citizen. He also has indicated a desire to make it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions or to cap lifetime benefits.

A proponent of a government-run insurance program, the president has said he is open to other ideas of how to decrease the number of uninsured Americans, which now is estimated at 46 million.

The paper reports that supporting the plan could also affect the state’s two Democratic senators, Jim Webb and Mark R. Warner. Exactly 49% percent of poll respondents said they would disapprove of either senator backing the president’s health care package.

The poll was not good news for the president, either, with 44% viewing him unfavorably, down from 49% last November.

Other poll results indicate that 48% oppose an individual mandate for health insurance, while 39% are in favor of mandatory coverage and 52% indicating that health care reform will result in the rationing of health care, with 29% disagreeing.

Mason-Dixon Polling and Research conducted the study for the newspaper from Oct. 6-8. The poll was based on telephone interviews with 625 registered voters who indicated they are likely to cast ballots in the upcoming Nov. 3 elections.

The poll has a 4% margin of error, according to the newspaper.

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