Louisiana agent fined $100,000 amid numerous fraud-related charges


A Baton Rouge, La., preacher who allegedly used the identity of a 2-year-old to obtain an insurance license was ordered to stop conducting business by state regulators and fined $100,000.

John Shane Vaughn, who also uses the alias Aiden Bryce Adams, 37, received a cease and desist order and fine notice Feb. 1, according to the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

Vaughn was arrested last May on multiple counts of identity theft, bank fraud and felony theft, as well as two counts of insurance fraud.

Vaughn allegedly stole the identity of 2-year-old Aiden Adams and filed false public documents by submitting a fraudulent pre-licensing certificate and a fraudulent insurance producer application to regulators.

He also is accused of presenting a fake driver’s license and Social Security number to obtain his agent appointment with a life insurance company, writing an annuity policy secured by a worthless check for $212,000 and intentionally misappropriating fraudulently obtained premiums, according to officials.

Insurance department records indicate that Vaughn was issued a life, accident and health license in January 2003, which was valid until the Feb. 1 action. Aiden Bryce Adams was issued the same license in November 2007, which lapsed in April 2008.

Vaughn can still file a demand for an administrative hearing to contest the action taken against him by regulators.

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