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The Obama administration released a draft application for Obamacare, which will rival the complexity of IRS tax forms, and in some cases might be more complicated for some than tax forms.

CMS application


Those who fill out the E-Z form will find that the requirements for the new form overly oppressive, and will make citizens be much better managers of their financial history.

Not to mention the draft forms for instructions if financial assistance is required; more than 50 pages in that document alone.

Considering that the forms will be reviewed by the IRS, it makes privacy and simplicity in government control of our financial lives a thing of the past.

Obamacare – or the Affordable Care Act – started out as a 3,000-page document. Now, the regulations have exceeded 20,000 pages. And it is growing every day.

Some fun facts related to Obamacare:

  • Americans will not be able to keep their health insurance plan, as President Obama promised.
  • Health insurance is much more expensive because of Obamacare, despite the president’s promises.
  • Medicare is being cut by hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for Obamacare.
  • Federal tax refunds will be withheld from those Americans who don’t buy health insurance starting in January.
  • Employers are already dropping workers from full-time status to part-time status to avoid costly aspects of the oppressive law.
  • Smokers will be forced to pay up to $500 per month as a premium “penalty,” while the obese will have no such increase.
  • More than 30 states refused to launch online health insurance exchanges, defaulting to the federal government, which is not prepared for such a task.
  • New W-2 forms that were supposed to be used in 2012 for large employers were delayed for a year because the IRS could not get the forms completed in time.
  • The IRS will hire up to 30,000 new agents to enforce payment of health insurance premiums or pay penalties starting in January.
  • It is unlikely the federal online health insurance exchanges will launch by Oct. 1, when they are required to be online, as plans will not be approved in time to allow them to be included in the exchanges.
  • The complete cost for Obamacare was originally said to be about $1 trillion; a recent non-partisan Congressional Budget Office report said the law will cost at least 3x what was originally promised, at about $3 trillion, equal to more than one-sixth of the complete current U.S. debt.

The new draft form is just the tip of the iceberg of the nightmare that Americans will experience as Obamacare continues implementation. But just like boiling a frog when starting with cold water, the pain will be slow in coming, and before we notice the dire straits the law has put our country in, we will be cooked.

That’s my take.

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4 Responses

  1. Marcus Woodward Says:

    As a member of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange Advisory Board, the representative of the agent broker community on that board appointed by Gov Beshear, I chair the Agent navigator Subcommittee. As such we have seen that agents are able to sell products in the Exchange. Commissions are the same in the exchange as outside the exchange.

    AAs far as the paper application is concerned, most applicants will be assisted by either navigators, In Person Assistors or Certified Application Counselors, as well as agents, but ONLY agents are able to make recommendations and sell, We have obtained a very large grant and are about to issue bids for an IT system that will accommodate applicants’ needs

    The ACA mandates that the system be designed so simply that an average citizen with limited computer skills be able to self enroll

    That a per app exists is testimony to the legacies that live on and I am sure it is complicated. It will be used in1% of applications no doubt.

    You prejudice against the ACA is overwhelming. Criticism of it is eazy and in many instances well placed, This however is so misleading and with out apparent knowledge of what is going forward that it must be categorized as propaganda from the opposition to the ACA…..

    Final note…States that do not have a state exchange leave their brokers and agents to fend for themselves with the Federal Bureacracy…..Kentucky did not do that and Kentucky agents stand to pprosper and benefit from a new need for their services

  2. Tony Ondrusek Says:

    Yes, I am very prejudiced against ACA. It is a horrible piece of legislation that has the potential to wreak further financial distress on our country.

    That the exchange in Kentucky — or anywhere, for that matter — is easy to operate is fine. But with a one-size-fits-all product that is wildly overpriced, people will find out that it is not such a great deal.

    As we approach Jan. 1, the cry of the people as they find out what is required of them will be loud and clear. And telling them how easy the online exchange is won’t appease them. It will be like telling someone who jumps off a building that the landing won’t be so bad, cause they won’t feel a thing.

  3. TX harm Says:

    Mr. Woodward. – it is worth mentioning that in your defense of the comp,Edith of ObamAcare applications, who pays the “In person assisters and/or the Certified Application Counselors to help sign applicants up?
    I too, am very prejudiced against Obamacare. It is the biggest tax increase in history passed unilaterally, and it will add trillions to our already catastrophic debt. it will hurt EVERYONE but few million uninsured , and still leaves 25 million uninsured to hit emergency rooms for free care.
    Democratic Senator Max Baucus, one of the chief architects of Obamacare, openly admitted shortly after it’s passage that Obamacare is about wealth redistribution as much as extending coverage to the uninsured. Democrats are already backpedaling on funding measures such as the medical device tax and cutting payments to Medicare Advantage (they just INCREASED payments 3%.) in order to save their own political necks. Expect this trend to accelerate the closer we get to 2014 midterms, increasing the chance that Obamacare will be an EPIC failure.

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