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While talks with the NFL to promote Obamacare fizzled, owners and managers of two of football’s most bitter rivals can agree on one thing: They love the Affordable Care Act.

[Story on Ravens promoting ACA]

If they don’t love the sweeping and controversial health insurance law – the single-largest change to American government and control of private industry in U.S. history – they love the money that comes with promoting ACA.

Pittsburgh Steelers owner – and good friend of President Obama – Dan Rooney is handing off the use of his team and stadium to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to promote Obamacare.

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on Steelers promoting ACA]

The Steelers join the Baltimore Ravens as the only two teams working with the federal government to promote the law, whose success so far can only be qualified as dismal, as online health insurance exchanges remain in many cases offline or unable to enroll individuals in their second week since launch. Not to mention the president unilaterally (and unlawfully, according to ACA) delaying for one year the employer mandate.

While the Steelers and Ravens fiercely battle each other on the gridiron, it appears they are like giggling schoolgirls at a One Direction concert when it comes to helping the government in its bumbling attempt to control one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

UPDATE: Read TribLive story about dismal failure of Sebelius’s visit to Heinz Field…only 100 people showed up to the 60,000 seat stadium, and they weren’t happy.

That’s my take.

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  1. Erika P Says:

    Here’s my take: After being a loyal NE Ohio Steelers fan since kindergarten (which was 1977, by the way,) I’m “breaking up” with the Official Team of Oresident Obama’s Agenda. News flash to Looney Rooney…politics and sports don’t mix. Guess it’s time to start buying orange.

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