Delta Dental of Va. takes humorous tack in promoting dental plans


Delta Dental of Virginia has produced a humorous educational campaign designed to help small businesses, individuals, families and insurance brokers better understand options for dental coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Chris Pyle

Chris Pyle

The “Want The Facts” advertising and educational campaign includes both print ads and video vignettes that highlight the fact that individuals without children and parents who already have dental coverage for their kids, will still be required to purchase pediatric dental benefits with their health plan when purchasing outside of government-run exchanges.

The ads direct viewers to a special website – – that guides small businesses, brokers and individuals through the decision-making process so they can choose the dental plan that suits their needs.

“They need to understand how to navigate the new rules, and that’s what we’re trying to help them do,” said Chris Pyle, vice president of marketing and government relations for Delta Dental of Virginia.

“The exchanges may eventually be a great place for people to access medical insurance, but they will have a lot more dental benefit options in the off-exchange market,” he added.

[Watch the Car Dealer video here]

Delta Dental of Virginia, the state’s largest dental benefits provider covering more than 1.8 million people, has decided not to offer stand-alone dental plans through the online government exchange in Virginia in 2014.

The carrier will DDVA will offer exchange-certified stand-alone dental plans in the small group market off of exchanges, in addition to standard small group products and new products the company says are designed to complement medical plans that embed a pediatric dental benefit.

“We are hopeful that exchange regulation and the online shopping experience will prove to allow consumers a vibrant and transparent marketplace as it was intended,” Pyle said.  “We will continue to monitor developments in hopes of participating on exchanges in 2015.”

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