Capital BlueCross nets Lehigh business group’s health award


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Capital BlueCross received the 2014 Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Health Care’s (LVBCH) Partnership Award during the LVBCH’s Annual Conference held at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pa. The award honors a local health insurer for its collaboration with the LVBCH to promote the health of its employer members, and their employees and families.

“One of the strengths of LVBCH is the commitment shown by our health care purchasing partners,” said Tom Croyle, LVBCH President. “LVBCH recognizes Capital BlueCross for their collaboration and support of LVBCH employers in seeking value for their health care dollar and promoting LVBCH membership throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania.”

“We couldn’t do this without partnerships like the one we have with the LVBCH,” Onorofsky said. “The LVBCH is a critical partner in bringing key best-in-class organizations together to ensure that we truly understand the needs of consumers, enabling Capital BlueCross to provide a market-leading value proposition to the purchasers of health insurance throughout the region.”

Capital BlueCross last year opened a health and wellness retail store called Capital Blue, located at the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley in Center Valley, Pa., Capital Blue provides consumers with one-stop shopping to explore insurance options.

Also receiving an award during the LVBCH Annual Conference was Essroc Cement Corp. from Nazareth, Pa. Nominated by Capital BlueCross, Essroc was recognized with the 2014 Employer Innovations Award for their unique efforts to improve the health and productivity of employees and their families, and the community. Essroc recently partnered with Capital BlueCross to host a World Safety Day for employees at Capital Blue that featured exhibits, seminars and wellness programs about staying safe and living healthy at the worksite and at home.

“Essroc continuously demonstrates a strong focus on health and wellness that is truly deserving of recognition,” said Onorofsky. “The World Safety Day is just one example of how their leadership thinks innovatively to provide the company with a safer worksite and healthier employees.”

From left: Tracy Onorofsky, Capital BlueCross; LVBCH President Tom Croyle; and Paul Chuckalovcak, Essroc Cement.

From left: Tracy Onorofsky, Capital BlueCross; LVBCH President Tom Croyle; and Paul Chuckalovcak, Essroc Cement.

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