Webinar to offer insurer strategies for small-group market, July 9


With the fall enrollment period just a few months away, small employers are taking a hard look at premium increases and evaluating the pros and cons of new health insurance options available to them.

The July 9 Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) webinar, “Insurer Strategies for the Turbulent Small-Group Market,” will analyze the options and provide advice on how insurers should design and deliver products in response to the changing demands of small employers.

Wes Reohr

Wes Reohr

In 60 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes devoted to individual questions, Wes Reohr, manager of small group sales for Harrisburg, Pa.-based Capital BlueCross, Jens Thorsen, president of Hartman Employee Benefits (Williamsport, Duncannon and State College, Pa.), and David E. Williams, president of the Health Business Group in Boston, will provide expert answers to these and other bottom-line questions:

  • How can health plans position themselves to maintain existing small-group business? Which of the options for small groups are best for insurers to steer clients and members to?
  • Do insurers win or lose with the Obama administration’s decision to allow non-ACA compliant plans to be extended for at least the next two calendar years? What are the opportunities and pitfalls of the extension policy?
  • What plan designs work in this new marketplace? What does the increase in self-funded or high-deductible plans mean to an insurer’s bottom line?
  • How should insurers work with their broker networks given the changing market options? Are brokers and insurers in sync in terms of the direction to take small groups?
  • How much are consumers in the small-group market willing to pay? What is the limit for cost sharing? How should health plans devise strategies around consumer-directed plan offerings?
  • Does it make sense to seek new business for small groups on public exchanges? Are employers positioning to dump workers onto state-based marketplaces — and if so, where does that leave insurers and their small-group members?
  • What do new ACA mandates and changes mean for insurers working with small groups? Will the employer mandate impact small businesses now or in the coming years?
  • Will the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) ever become a meaningful option for small groups? Can insurers make inroads to bring competition to the moribund program?

Visit the following link for more information or to register: http://aishealth.com/marketplace/c4m28_070914


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